The Fox Hunt

This is part of an eight-foot long mural painted by Henry R. Poore, between 1901 and 1905. Stretched across a narrow mantle in Miss Florence's dining room, it humorously depicts colony artists engaged in a fox chase.

The mural took on a life of its own as new members were added. In one case, an artist was allegedly scratched out by another for misconduct, but was later painted back in.*

As more and more artists came to Lyme, Miss Florence accommodated them by converting many of her rooms and outbuildings into studios. Her house became known as the Home of the Artists, or as Childe Hassam called it, The Holy House.**

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* Arthur Hemming, Miss Florence and the Artists of Old Lyme (Connecticut: The Pequot Press, 1971) pg. 40. 
** Jeffrey W. Andersen, The Colony at Old Lyme, Connecticut and American Impressionism (Storrs: The William Benton Museum of Art, 1980) p. 125.
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